2nd Port-Louis Quadtrees coding retreat!

26th of February to the 1st of March 2024, Port-Louis, Brittany, France

After a first super succesful session in May 2023, from which we developed a package for radial analysis with the team of Rouen (UMR Idees), Port-Louis (Morbihan, France) will welcome our 2nd coding retreat from February 26th to March 1st.

The retreat is aimed as a team building moment where uni.lu geographers and associated researchers spend time together consolidating their code.

This is mostly an R spatial training, peppered with some Py spatial analytics.

Rationale: we do all have our “own” pieces of code on our personal machines, on a server and/ on our own Git repos, which we fine tune along various projects and need. Then we quickly discover other colleagues have done similar, sometimes better, would benefit from similar lines, or, when reproducing, that some parts do not lead to the exact same results for some reasons (parameters, cut-offs, pre-processing of data,…)

In view of (i) reproducibility, (ii) improving, and (iii) sharing our codes, the retreat is a moment to take stock, compare and develop further our scripts and data.

The program is super simple:

  • Intense mornings: 8AM to 2PM Monday to Friday including a quick sandwich lunch,
  • Some more relax time up to 4.30PM (a walk outside before sunset)
  • And further reading/correcting in the evening 5PM-7PM before enjoying a creperie or a nice
  • … starting anew the next day…

For the venue, we joint-venture with the Gîtes de Kerouzec (https://gitesdekerouzec.fr/) so we are housed together, and live for and eat for coding 24/7 (well…24/5) while enjoying a view, a beach and a small but fully serviced town where all our needs are fulfiled in under 5min walk! No time wasted!

Organizer: Geoffrey Caruso, University of Luxembourg.

Venue: 5 Place au Bois, 56290 Port-Louis FR