Quadtrees Hub#6

Towards a spatially explicit urban CO2 budget. Urban carbon emissions, dispersion and sequestration in Europe On May 21st, our sixth Quadtrees Hub will take place. The aim is to share and discuss research in progress. Quadtrees’hubs are open to anyone interested and somehow familiar with some quantitative techniques and willing to progress with these. Please

Land cover, landscape metrics and typology of European cities for Urban Forest Ecosystem Services (UFES) evaluation

Datasets by Marlène Boura and Geoffrey Caruso Zenodo: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4301952 Description The datasets provide a typology for 689 European urban areas, the land cover metrics and landscape metrics used to create the typology and the Urban Forest Ecosystem Services (UFES) indexes created from them. The typology of Urban Forest Ecosystem Services (UFES) presents 10 clusters of

PhD Project: Urban forest, urban form and anthropogenic emissions in Europe

PhD candidate: Marlène BouraSupervision: Geoffrey CarusoDuration: 2017-2021 In the context of population growth and urbanisation, associated with an increase of GHG concentration in the atmosphere, the impact of human activities on climate change is ever increasing. Simultaneously, the pressure on natural ecosystems especially within and around cities becomes harder. We contend that these natural ecosystems