Land cover, landscape metrics and typology of European cities for Urban Forest Ecosystem Services (UFES) evaluation

Datasets by Marlène Boura and Geoffrey Caruso



The datasets provide a typology for 689 European urban areas, the land cover metrics and landscape metrics used to create the typology and the Urban Forest Ecosystem Services (UFES) indexes created from them.

The typology of Urban Forest Ecosystem Services (UFES) presents 10 clusters of cities aggregated into 4 groups: Forest cities (F1-4), Anthropogenic cities (A1-3), Herbaceous cities (H1-2) and Standard European cities (E1). The data can be used to support urban planning policies at local and regional scales; in urban forestry, urban form and ecosystem services work-related at different spatial scales. The metrics used capture the spatial integration of different layers of natural, semi-natural and artificial land within functional urban areas.

The data refers to the article under revision “Urban Forests Ecosystems in Europe: Types and Ranking of Cities”