Quadtrees Hub#1

Tue 22nd 2PM, we launch a new series of internal workshop – Quadtrees Hubs– to discuss ongoing research in quantitative methods, urban analytics and spatial data from both the Urban Development and Mobility Dpt of LISER and the Dpt of Geography and Spatial Planning at the University of Luxembourg. The aim is to share and discuss research in progress. Quadtrees’hubs are open to anyone interested and somehow familiar with some quantitative techniques and willing to progress with these. Please contact Isabelle Pigeron-Piroth for information.

HUB #1 will have some focus on cities and air pollution with 2 inputs, by Yufei Wei and Hichem Omrani. See below.

When? 22nd of Oct 2019 14h00-16h00. Where? Map Room (next to GIS room) 1st floor MSH, Belval.

Yufei Wei : Scaling of urban heat island and nitrogen dioxide with urban population: a meta-analysis.

In this research, at the beginning a qualitative synthesis is performed to collect literature introducing the relations of urban heat island intensity and nitrogen dioxide concentration with urban population. We then find and validate the linearity of urban heat island intensity and nitrogen dioxide concentration with urban population size by ANOVA test and linear regression, based on the selected literature from qualitative synthesis.

Hichem Omrani : Spatio-temporal Data on the air pollutant nitrogen dioxide derived from Sentinel satellite